Brian McNamara
Brian Thompson
Julia Campbell

Max Gail
(Emmy Nominated)
Floyd Red Crow Westerman

In Memoriam

and with
The Phillip Huber Marionettes

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and introducing
Suzanne Marie Doyon
as "Julie"


Bradley Stryker
Janine Doyon

Mary Stein
Richard Doyon
Escher Holloway

Leah Brisbois
Imie Lane Camelli
Matthew Jared
Kathryn Hall

Tony Hyde
Kelly Laviolette

Robert Myers
Steve Meltzer
Karara Muhoro
Zale Parry
Jan Michael Looking Wolf Reibach
David Welborn

Bill Woolsey

Spanish Pirates
Scott Beckett
Dino Ladki
Tyler Robinson

Indian Dancers
Leah Brisbois, dancer
Maria Rodriguez, dancer
Vernon Red Hawk Kennedy, drummer


Sea Rescue by the members of
the Manzanita, Oregon Public Safety Sea Rescue Team, Perry Sherbaugh Chief

Logging Show Stunts by Tony Hyde and Bill Woolsey
Logging Show and Friendship Jamboree at Vernonia, Oregon,


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